Egads, day after tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And we have so much to be grateful for: we leave day after tomorrow for our SIX MONTH adventure in Europe! Very long in the planning, it’s now down to whatever we can get done on all the lists we’ve generated, written and re-written for over a year, in the next two days.

The list is getting shorter though. Raked leaves yesterday. The weather’s turned cool and crisp, and relatively dry too, so that’s good. We had a lovely little neighborhood gathering at Spring and Richard’s house on Sunday. We brought Michael, who is going to housesit for us. It was nice for him to meet the neighbors, and for them to meet him. Besides us, there were 14 adults and 7 little kids. Very fun.

What’s being packed? Well, not much yet; after all, we don’t leave until day after tomorrow.

Empty suitcase

Empty suitcase

One thing it will be good to miss is that our next door neighbors to the south are about to have their house jacked up and basement redone. Much construction noise that we will happily avoid. They brought over a “renovation emergency pack” for Michael—ear plugs, a bottle of wine and a gift card for the coffee shop down the street. We love our neighbors.

Back to thinking about packing—we’re breaking our usual pattern by planning to check baggage. Probably three suitcases, plus a duffel and a small backpack. Maybe that’s too much? It’s not like we’re leaving civilization behind. Well, maybe Europe isn’t quite so civilized as we used to think…

A number of our friends have asked if we are going to write a blog and post photos of our trip. Our girls put together a website for us for this very sort of thing. Here’s the link.

We’ll post items from time to time. You can look at them (or not) on your own.

Our itinerary is London for 2 months, Lyon for 2 months, Croatia for 1 month and Venice for 1 month. We’ve rented apartments for London, Lyon and Venice. Besides enjoying these places (none, except Croatia, is new to us) we’ll use them as jumping off places. In December, we’re already set for a trip to Copenhagen (we have lunch reservations at Noma, the best restaurant in the world for several years running—expect pictures for that one!), and a stay in Amsterdam and Bruges. We have symphony tickets in Amsterdam and London. We’ll also be back on the US east coast for Christmas with our kids.

Enough for now!

Goodbye, little house

Goodbye, little house