Wild flowers in a hostile environment

Recent road trip to southern Utah, Arizona and New Mexico was very fun. Loved the hiking for the views of the sculptural mesas and hoodoos, the tiny wild flowers anchored in the rock, blooming their hearts away, growing and surviving, and visiting three sets of friends–in Las Cruces, San Diego and Montecito. Also drove unexpectedly right through the middle of the Very Large Array which is very large indeed. And a sign in NM saying “Future home of America’s Space X spaceport.” Also lots of solar arrays, one of which was being constructed of parabolic mirrors and included a sign saying it was to be the largest such solar farm in North America. It was being built by a Spanish company.

Here are a few of the flowers, also one tree and a rock formation we climbed down into and through

.Peter and the slot       desert wildflowers3:

DSC02179desert wildflowers7desert wildflowers4