Have cold, will travel

This site was kindly set up by our family because Peter and I are traveling a lot and they wanted to keep track of us. However, the real traveler today is Tess.

Burdened with a head cold, sore throat, and the usual miserable accoutrements of that virus, as well as a large industrial cooler and a secure suitcase full of esoteric water sampling equipment, she is heading off from suburban Connecticut to Papua New Guinea, via Chicago, Tokyo and Singapore. Ken is working his way back to Woods Hole, after dropping Bear off with his parents (I think–there were many plans made to make sure Bear was safe and happy during Tess’ and Ken’s absence from home).

Tomorrow, John and Jane fly home to Portland and Katherine stops in Philly for a few days before making it home for a week and then going back to school. Peter and I are the tame ones–just one quick flight back to Seattle later this afternoon.

Here we all are, last night after celebrating Ken’s birthday.

On Maya and Adam's front stairs.  12-27-14

On Maya and Adam’s front stairs. 12-27-14

Christmas 2014–a feast for the family

This is to say hi and thanks to our wonderful family for…well, for everything, really. You are all in the room right now, warm and cozy with a fire and food and conversation and jokes and reading…the kids just went upstairs to get dressed. Jane’s talking about nursing dreams–about not being able to do everything that her patients needed during her shift. Adam is looking through the bird book he got for Christmas. Much munching on leftovers. Sunshine today.

The food we’ve cooked, served and eaten over the last couple of days has been generous and delicious. And it’s not over yet–Ken’s birthday is this weekend. Most of us head for our homes (or Papua New Guinea, in Tess’ case)¬†on Sunday and Monday.

Here’s a picture or two to remember the gathering!

Christmas dinner with Maya and Tess

The Christmas spread for 20 being prepped by Maya and Tess–lobster courtesy Jane.

Christmas Cy June Adam

The morning fun with Adam and Cy and June.

I have to say again how lucky we all are.

Much love and safe travels to each and every one.