Record breaking rain in Seattle

We’re breaking records for the second year in a row for cold and wet. Even us Seattleites are getting testy. The trees are doing their best, though, to cheer us up and keep us oxygenated–cherry trees, pear trees all in bloom, chestnuts coming on, rhodies and azaleas, camellias, daphne,and all the bulbs soldiering on…and here’s a peek at our backyard.

Bleeding heart and daffodils

lady’s mantle mostly

January travels and visits

Two photos: one happy visit and one short travel. Our friend Suzanne came to Seattle from her home in Asheville NC–she’s been many times before, often timing her stay during blackberry season, but this year it was January. This pic is from our walk around Pike Place Market on a sunny (but chilly)¬†day a couple weeks ago.

Peter, Suz, Kit at Pike Place Market on a lovely January day

Peter, Suz, Kit at Pike Place Market on a lovely January day


This photo is from a couple days ago when we were in California visiting Peter’s mom. As usual we stayed at Paula’s and it was wonderful in every way. The restaurant in the pic is Jason’s, down near the water near Corte Madera. Seafood their specialty–Dorothy had scampi, Peter had sea bream and I had crab ravioli. Here we are on the dessert course.

Gramma Dorothy and number one son Peter

Gramma Dorothy and number one son Peter

Mainly, though, travel-wise, we’re so glad that Tess is home from her field work in Papua New Guinea!


Eleven blocks from the first Starbucks…

Look at all the copper in the new Starbucks roastery

Look at all the copper in the new Starbucks roastery

As you all know, the first Starbucks is in the Pike Place Market, 1971 I think. Well, now they’ve opened a huge new space eleven blocks up the hill, just across the freeway. It used to be an art supply store. Today it’s home to a massive shiny copper roaster, beautiful wood everywhere and helpful staff sporting aprons in various shades of brown. Very high ceilings with yet more shiny copper tubes carrying beans hither and yon. Large windows, and apparently, lines out the door most of the time.

Not when we went, though. We took our houseguest Suzanne there yesterday around mid-day. We had a flight of coffee–they serve two flight options: one of three different types of coffee brewed in the same way and the other choice is three different types of brews of the same coffee. Again, all served on wooden boards in brown cups. Snazzy.

It’s an airy relaxing space, a nice addition to Capitol Hill. Oh, and maybe the best thing is that it shares space with Tom Douglas’ Serious Pie. Peter’s promised that we’ll try his pizza sometime soon. He seems to think he needs to lose a few pounds before we can indulge in pizza…

Beans swishing around in Starbucks new roastery

Beans swishing around in Starbucks new roastery

Seattle fireworks for 2015

Space Needle! Fireworks! Yay 2015!

Space Needle! Fireworks! Yay 2015!

My first venture out last eve–the cold is more or less under control. We had a snazzy dinner at Marron on Capitol Hill–Maine scallops (gosh, now where have we had those before??), bison, duck, smoked cauliflower and cavier, lemon sorbet and chocolate with a 1989 madeira–all very festive.

Tonight we’re serving prime rib, stilton souffl√© (another repeat!), black eyed peas, snow peas and shiitakes, bibb lettuce salad and home made (is there any other kind) vanilla ice cream or pumpkin ice cream with pizzelles.

Enough about the food, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s a picture of the Space Needle fireworks. Very good this year. I think they’ve learned a thing or two from the Eiffel Tower.

Happy Happy New Year to our wonderful family!

Have cold, will travel

This site was kindly set up by our family because Peter and I are traveling a lot and they wanted to keep track of us. However, the real traveler today is Tess.

Burdened with a head cold, sore throat, and the usual miserable accoutrements of that virus, as well as a large industrial cooler and a secure suitcase full of esoteric water sampling equipment, she is heading off from suburban Connecticut to Papua New Guinea, via Chicago, Tokyo and Singapore. Ken is working his way back to Woods Hole, after dropping Bear off with his parents (I think–there were many plans made to make sure Bear was safe and happy during Tess’ and Ken’s absence from home).

Tomorrow, John and Jane fly home to Portland and Katherine stops in Philly for a few days before making it home for a week and then going back to school. Peter and I are the tame ones–just one quick flight back to Seattle later this afternoon.

Here we all are, last night after celebrating Ken’s birthday.

On Maya and Adam's front stairs.  12-27-14

On Maya and Adam’s front stairs. 12-27-14